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Readers Respond: Tell us about your favorite movie moments from 'The Notebook.'

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The memorable dialogue in The Notebook is just part of what makes this a much-loved film. The Notebook has many unforgettable moments and scenes. What are your favorite movie moments from The Notebook?


I LOVE THIS MOVIE AND BOOK. Its the best book I've ever read. It describes love.
—Guest Daphne

The Notebook

Dod you love? Did you ever felt that fire on your chest? Did you miss something more than your soul...? You can find answers of all your wanders on this movie...it is inspiring, it moves you fromt the ground...and you leave for moments on another world...the world you so much dreamed...it brings on your heart all these lost years...it brings tears on your eyes... Uncomparable movie... There is no part of it to separate...
—Guest Aphrodite

breath taking

i have never seen this love in life and one of my dream to have love like this love wonderful
—Guest nana

The Notebook

Who doesn't cry when they see this movie?? Favorite quote?..."Oh,so many pills...just how sick are you?" "Well,I don't like to think of it as being sick but rather a general wearing down of the body." That gets me everytime!
—Guest rundiva

I love this movie!!!

Its hard to choose what part is really my favorite, but i think it would have to be when Noah says "If your bird, I'm a bird." and when he says "I think our love can do anything we want it to." how cute!! Then the ending gets me everytime..i mean, seeing his sweetheart freaking out like that is just so heartbreaking. OHH! And when she's looking at the sunset and says "I've never seen anything so beautiful." and Noah's looking at her and says "Me niether." AHH! Just thinking about makes me wana cry. I absolutely love this movie. Instant classic! (:
—Guest Kelly Nickerson

is the best

is agood movie it is the best and iam making a home work from school tath i have to put what is my favorite movie i like it because it represent the thrue love no matter the time
—Guest carla

the notebook

I really really love the movie...it makes my cry everytime I watch it...again and again
—Guest Marie

I love it

It made me remember again, i love this movie and will watch it again, this one is my favorate movie of all times
—Guest Jen

Why Allie came back...

My favorite moment was when Allie came back --not while young (although that was great too), but while old. I see how the power of loving the story that was being read to her allowed her brain to expand and flow into pathways that had not been used for a long time.... where the debilitating cerebral plaque of her disease had not built up yet. These fresh pathways still held her memories. When Allie said let's get in the car and get out of here (with great hope in her eyes) she was shut down by his "not tonight". Allie retreated into her old familier pathways and of course those limited plaque ridden synapses did not recognize him any longer. Perhaps there truly are psychophysiological changes that occur in our brain when we experience that "loving feeling" that enable us to "take the path less traveled by" in our mind, expand to new horizons and remember who we truly are.
—Guest PaulK

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