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DVD: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
6 Things You Should Know About Renting From...
Netflix provides a movie and television programming rental service at flat monthly fees. The company has no brick-and-mortar stores, and instead interfaces with its customers via the Internet and the United States Postal Service. A large number of titles are available on DVDs and Blu-ray discs that will be delivered to the subscriber by mail. In addition, a much smaller number of titles can be streamed to the subscriber over the Internet.
How to Rent and Watch Movies from Amazon on...
Amazon is America's largest online retailer. The company's primary business is selling a wide variety of goods — especially books, DVDs and music CDs — that are ordered on their Website and shipped by mail or package delivery services. But they also offer some products that they deliver digitally to customers who have a broadband Internet connection.
8 Most Memorable Movie Quotes from Casablanca
8 Most Memorable Quotes from Casablanca Set during World War II, the producers of Casablanca (1942) did
Best Quotes from 'The Notebook'
If you are looking for quotes from The Notebook, well, you are are looking in the right place. We got all Noah and Allie your heart can handle.
Pearl Harbor DVD Review
I didn’t see Pearl Harbor during its theatrical release and most of the reviews I read were negative, so I expected something unwatchable when I started to watch this movie on DVD. But, much to my surprise, I found the film, which is packed with action, to be reasonably entertaining.
Pick of the Week: 'The Hours' DVD
I found The Hours to be emotionally and intellectually engaging, and I thought the performances of the 3 leading actresses were terrific. But the film may speak mainly to those who love novels.
Enemy at the Gates - Review - Enemy at the...
Home Video/DVD Guide Ivana Redwine looks at Enemy at the Gates.
Sexy Beast DVD Review - Home Video DVD Pick of...
Pick of the Week: " Sexy Beast " DVD "Sexy Beast" DVD Reviewed by Ivana Redwine Guide Rating - Tagline:
"THX 1138" DVD
Before George Lucas became famous, he co-wrote and directed an excellent movie titled THX 1138starring Robert Duvall. Now a restored director’s cut of that film is being released as a superb two-disc DVD set loaded with worthwhile bonus materials. A single-disc version is also available, but missing most of the extras. With either DVD version you'll get a first-rate movie and an excellent commentary track, but I recommend the two-disc version because of its terrific bonus materials.
DVD Pick: Doctor Zhivago
Guide Ivana Redwine reviews the Doctor Zhivago DVD.
Top 9 Movie Quotes from All About Eve
Enjoy 9 movie quotes from All About Eve, one of the sharpest Hollywood films ever made.
The Fast and the Furious Movie DVD
Product Review "The Fast and the Furious" DVD "The Fast and the Furious" DVD Guide Rating - Pros • Fascinating
Movie Review - The Man Who Wasn't There
Billy Bob Thornton is memorable as a laconic, chain-smoking barber in this evocative character-driven crime drama that is reminiscent of the film noirs of the past. Read Ivana Redwine's DVD review of The Man Who Wasn't There.
What You Should Know About Blockbuster Downloads
Blockbuster rents movies and TV shows via download over the Internet, but not as part of any of its subscription plans. Instead, you have to pay individually for each movie or TV show you download.
Home Video/DVD - Chat
Talk online about movies day and night at the About.com Home Video/DVD chat room.
Renting From Redbox
Redbox is a company that rents DVDs for a dollar a night from thousands of automated kiosks. Find out about what you need to know about renting from Redbox.
Streaming Movies and Television Programming...
In addition to receiving optical discs via US mail, all Netflix subscribers are permitted, at no extra cost, to stream movies and television programming over the Internet to their PCs. The big advantage to this method is that the content can be viewed almost immediately, but there are major drawbacks.
Pick of the Week: “La Strada” DVD
Featuring an unforgettable Chaplinesque performance by lead actress Giulietta Masina, Fellini's lyricism, and a memorable musical score by Nino Rota, La Strada is one of my favorite Fellini films. This is a movie no cineaste should miss, and Criterion Collection has done a great job on the DVD set. Read a review of La Strada on DVD.
Movie Quotes From The Incredibles
Movie Quotes From "The Incredibles" More About "The Incredibles" on DVD • In-Depth Profile: "The Incredibles"
movies on video and DVD new releases - recent...
A look at new videos and DVDs coming out this week.
Video - DVD - Pick of the Week - The House of...
Let's take a look at my video/DVD pick of the week - The House of Mirth.
Movie Quotes From American Beauty
Here's some of my favorite movie quotes from American Beauty. This is part of a continuing series of features focusing on my favorite movie quotes. Enjoy the quotes, and if you have some favorite movies lines you enjoy--or a quote have a question about--post a message to the About Home Video/DVD Forum.
DVD Movie Review - Don Giovanni.
Ivana Redwine reviews the DVD release of Don Giovanni.
Renting From Apple's iTunes Store
Apple is a company that makes consumer electronics, and its best-known products are Macintosh computers, iPods and iPhones. In addition, Apple operates an online business called the iTunes store and through it has become American's largest music retailer. Via download, the iTunes store sells not only music, but other digital media, including audiobooks, games, movies and television shows.
The Class-Action Lawsuit Against Netflix Over...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Overview In 2004
Apocalypse Now - The Complete Dossier DVD
I was so impressed by this two-disc DVD set that I have no hesitation in calling it one of the best DVDs of the year. I've always been fascinated by Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece, and Apocalypse Now - The Complete Dossier has deepened my understanding and appreciation of this extraordinary film.
"Monty Python and the Holy Grail" DVD Review
It's great to own this film on DVD. I've seen it many times before, but there’s always a joke I've missed or a sequence I love and simply want to see yet another time. Read a review of Monty Python and the Holy Grail on DVD.
Here are some examples of combos, including TV DVD, TV DVD VCR, and other combos. Page 2.
"Xena: Warrior Princess - Season Two" DVD Review
Although some episodes didn't draw me in completely, I had a lot of fun watching Xena Warrior Princess - Season Two on DVD. And I suspect fans of this popular TV series will probably enjoy the DVDs even more than I did.
Movie Quotes From Raging Bull
Here's some of my favorite movie quotes from Raging Bull. This is part of a continuing series of features focusing on my favorite movie quotes.
Movie Quotes From Sideways
Here's some of my favorite movie quotes from Sideways. This is part of a continuing series of features focusing on my favorite movie quotes
'The Hurt Locker' DVD
The Hurt Locker DVD profile, including The Hurt Locker DVD release date selected special features and more about the The Hurt Locker DVD.
About xXx on Blu-ray DVD.
DVD Pick: 'Nosferatu'
A review of the classic movie 'Nosferatu' on DVD.
Hitchcock and the Oscars - Home Video - DVD -...
Did you know that only one movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock ever won the Academy Award for Best Picture? Which movie was it?
Irish-Themed Movies
I've come up with a list of ten movies about the Irish that I've enjoyed. I think all of these films are worth seeing and all increase our understanding of what it means to be Irish.
DVD Pick: "La Traviata"
To my mind, Franco Zeffirelli's dazzlingly cinematic 1982 Italian-language movie version of Giuseppe
Gandhi Movie DVD Review
Ivana Redwine reviews the DVD version of Gandhi.
DVD Review Legend - Home Video / DVD Guide...
Pick of the Week: " Legend"(1985) DVD "Legend" (1985) - Ultimate Edition DVD Reviewed by Ivana Redwine
'Midnight in Paris' DVD Review
This romantic comedy is reviewed on DVD.
Movie Quotes From Jerry Maguire
Movie Quotes From "Jerry Maguire" (1996) Related Resources • More Features About Famous Movie Quotes
The Third Man Movie DVD Review
Home Video/DVD Guide Ivana Redwine looks at The Third Man.
Monsoon Wedding Movies DVD
>Directed by Mira Nair (Salaam Bombay, Mississippi Masala, Kama Sutra, Monsoon Wedding is an ensemble comedy that is a joyous celebration of life. The characters speak mostly English, but they also speak Hindi a lot, and some characters occasionally speak Punjabi. When I watched this movie on DVD recently, I found it to be enchanting. Read my review of Monsoon Wedding on DVD.
Thirteen Days Movie Review
Home Video/DVD Guide Ivana Redwine reviews: cuban missile crisis reconnaissance photographs naval blockade right hand man aerial reconnaissance
Movie Quotes From There Will Be Blood
Here's some of my favorite movie quotes from There Will Be Blood. This is part of a continuing series of features focusing on my favorite movie quotes.
The Ultimate Gift DVD
The Ultimate Gift DVD -- Explore The Ultimate Gift DVD special features. Find out more about the The Ultimate Gift DVD.
DVD Pick: "The Blues Brothers" 25th Anniversary...
The Blues Brothers is a 1980 comedy starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd that has become part of American pop culture consciousness. For me, it's the music that gives the movie its exuberance. The Blues Brothers Band plays numbers that are enjoyable enough, but the best are performed by guest artists Cab Calloway, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and John Lee Hooker. Read a review of this movie on DVD.
DVD Profile: Five Best Picture Oscar Winners
Explore Oscar-winning films in this DVD profile and review.
DVD Pick: Julie & Julia
Julie & Julia DVD review, including a review of Julie & Julia the movie, DVD details and bonus materials. Read Ivana Redwine's review of the Julie & Julia DVD.
Pick of the Week: “Chicago” DVD
I laughed a lot while watching Chicago, and it contains about 15 song-and-dance numbers. However, the filmmakers didn’t want the story to stop while the musical numbers are performed, and lovers of traditional musicals might be disappointed. I see the movie as more of a comedy with musical numbers than as a musical. Read a full-length review of Chicago on DVD.
Top Romantic Movies
There's no guarantee of finding romance in real life, but if you know where to look, you can usually find romantic movies at least, and I've listed below some of my favorites that are available on video and DVD.
Movie Quotes From Sunset Boulevard
Here's some of my favorite movie quotes from Sunset Boulevard. This is part of a continuing series of features focusing on my favorite movie quotes. Enjoy the quotes, and if you have some favorite movies lines you enjoy--or a quote have a question -- post a message the to the About Home Video/DVD Fourm.
XXX Movie Trailer
Watch a movie trailer for XXX.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding DVD Review
My Big Fat Greek wedding was a big hit in theaters, and I loved it on DVD. Although not a perfect film, I thought My Big Fat Greek Wedding had the combination of humor, warmth, and romance that so many filmmakers try for but seldom achieve. Read a review of My Big Fat Greek Wedding on DVD.
Hercules Season Six DVD Video Clips and Trailer
"Hercules Season Six" Video Clips and Trailer Watch Video Clips and Find Out More About the Release of
New Movies on DVD - More DVD Movies and TV...
Additional Video and DVD Releases of Interest Part 2: Additional Releases of Interest This Week "3rd
Page Two: Irish-Themed Movies
I've come up with a list of ten movies about the Irish that I've enjoyed. I think all of these films are worth seeing and all increase our understanding of what it means to be Irish. Page 2.
In the Bedroom | DVD Movie Review - DVD Pick of...
I recently watched In the Bedroom at home on DVD, and I really liked the first two-thirds of it, where it is essentially a hard-hitting drama about an American family dealing with tragedy. But eventually the film took a turn into thriller territory that was too abrupt for me.
"NYPD Blue - Season One" DVD Review
With its fascinating characters, compelling performances, and strong stories, NYPD Blue – Season One on DVD drew me in completely. I think this is one of the best TV police dramas ever made.
Coming Soon to Video DVD - New DVDs for 12-06-05
Coming Soon to Video and DVD Part 3: A Sneak Peek at Next Week's Releases on Video/DVD There are some
'The Ides of March' DVD Review
This is a review of the movie The Ides of March on DVD. Both the artistic quality of the film itself and what is on DVD is covered in-depth.
Sunrise Movie DVD Review
F.W. Murnau's classic Hollywood silent movie Sunrise is on many lists of 100 greatest films, but it has been rather difficult to see for many years. At last Fox has released this great movie on a DVD that comes with some nice extras, which I've listed below. However, to the best of my knowledge, as of the time of this writing -- March, 2003, it's unlikely you'll be able to buy or rent the Sunrise DVD at a regular store or order it from a major online retailer. In the last paragraph of this article, I'll describe a way of getting the DVD through January 31, 2004. But first I'll give a brief discussion of the film. Read a review of Sunrise on DVD, a masterwork of silent film directed by F.W. Murnau.
The Broken Hearts Club Movie Review
Video/DVD pick of the week - The Broken Hearts Club, a romanticized look at life, love, and friendship in the gay community of West Hollywood, California.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Movie DVD Review
Let's take a look at my video/DVD pick of the week - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon .
Video / DVD Review Startup.com Movie DVD -...
Ivana Redwine reviews Startup.com.: kaleil isaza tuzman youthful optimism goldman sachs high school friends silicon alley
DVD Pick: Public Enemies (Two-Disc Special...
Public Enemies DVD review, including a review of Public Enemies the movie, DVD details and bonus materials. Read Ivana Redwine's review of the Public Enemies DVD.
DVD Pick: Bukowski: Born Into This
I only knew a little about Los Angeles poet and novelist Charles Bukowski (1920-1994) before seeing the fascinating film Bukowski: Born Into This (2003) on DVD. Having heard so much about his drinking and fighting, I was surprised that in the documentary he comes off as likable. About 45 books of Bukowski's writings were published in his lifetime. He wrote six novels, two of the best-known being Post Office (1971) and Ham on Rye (1982). He also authored many poems and short stories.
Michael Collins DVD
Liam Neeson stars as the title character in this biopic about the Irish folk hero who led the fight against British rule some 80 years ago. The film's interpretation of Irish history is intriguing, and I was impressed that the movie doesn't shy away from presenting controversies that still resonate today.
What You Should Know Before Renting From...
The core of Blockbuster's business is operating a chain of several thousand brick-and-mortar stores that rent DVDs, Blu-ray discs and video games. But the company also offers several options for renting movies and television programming which involve the Internet, and that will be the focus here.
The Mummy Returns Movie DVD Review
Home Video/DVD Guide Ivana Redwine looks at The Mummy Returns - Collector's Edition DVD.
DVD Pick: "Mean Streets"
Years ago, I saw Martin Scorsese's Mean Streets in a theater and loved it. As the years went by, Scorsese became famous for his great films Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and Goodfellas, but I consider Mean Streets to be at least as good as any of his movies. His later films are more polished and appeal to a wider audience, but I like the raw, personal feel of Mean Streets.
DVD Pick: "The Magic Flute"
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Ingmar Bergman
DVD Pick: 'Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth'
Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth DVD review, including a review of Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth the movie, DVD details and bonus materials. Read Ivana Redwine's review of the Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth DVD.
In Living Color - Season Two DVD
About In Living Color - Season Two on DVD.: shahrazad ali broadway tour benita butrell vera de milo guest al
DVD Pick: 'Gone With the Wind'
Gone With the Wind DVD review, including a review of Gone With the Wind the movie, DVD details and bonus materials. Read Ivana Redwine's review of the Gone With the Wind DVD.
Top 10 Ingmar Bergman Movies
I have long been intrigued by dreams, myth, and psychology, and perhaps that explains my attraction to the movies of Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. Below I've given brief descriptions of 10 of my favorites, ordering them according to the date of their initial theatrical release. I've also tried to sketch an outline of the most productive part of Bergman's filmmaking career. As one who loves humanistic movies, I have found the body of work summarized here to be immensely rewarding
Set-Top Box
Set-Top Box: A catchall term for a device that can be fed a video signal from some source and display it on a TV screen. Many set-top boxes are part of a system for watching content you have to pay for. Read the full glossary definition for set-top box and find out more.
DVD Pick: The Double Life of Veronique
Home Video / DVD Guide Ivana Redwine reviews The Double Life of Véronique on DVD.
Austin Powers in Goldmember Movie DVD Review
Although there is some fairly gross humor, I laughed out loud throughout when I watched Austin Powers in Goldmember on DVD. Read a DVD review of Austin Powers in Goldmember.
Home Video/DVD - Recommended Movies Released on...
Wondering what videos and DVDs to watch? Here's a fascinating selection of recommended new movies on DVD and Video.
Buying Your First DVD Player
Here's a few things to consider before you plunk down your hard-earned money on a DVD player.
HD DVD: HD here stands for high definition, and movies began being released on HD DVDs in 2006. Read the full definition and find out more about HD DVD.
'Contagion' DVD Review
Read this DVD review of Contagion and find out about the movie and what is on the DVD.
DVD Pick: "Bend It Like Beckham"
Bend It Like Beckham is a movie that really lifted my spirits. It follows the pattern of many ethnic coming-of-age stories, yet it does so in such a way as to make an old story seem fresh. Read a full-length DVD review of Bend It Like Beckham.
Girlfight Movie Review
Let's take a look at my video/DVD pick of the week - Girlfight.
Copy Protection
Movie DVDs that come from the studios almost always have the video and audio data stored on the disc in such a way that it is not possible to make a copy of the contents of the DVD in a straightforward manner.
DVD Review: 'Project Nim'
This is a critical examination of Project Nim on DVD.
Minority Report | DVD Review - Minority Report...
In Minority Report, Steven Spielberg has created a fascinating portrait of the near-future. Minority Report is filled with thought-provoking and resonant ideas, and it also works as an action thriller. Read my in-depth review of Minority Report on DVD.
Pick of the Week: Casablanca DVD
Casablanca is beloved by a wide cross-section of Americans, and it's been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember. This seems to me to be one of the relatively few films that is highly regarded by both cineastes and the general public alike. Read a full-length review of the two-disc Special Edition DVD set of this great classic that is loaded with extras.
DVD Pick: "Laura"
Laura (1944) is one of the great classic Hollywood movies. It's a stylish film noir with an exceptional cast that includes Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb, Vincent Price, and Judith Anderson. Elegantly directed by Otto Preminger, the movie won an Academy Award for cinematography, and the costuming and art direction are outstanding. The film is famous for David Raksin's haunting music.
Thirteen Days Movie DVD Review
Home Video/DVD Guide Ivana Redwine reviews
Sunshine Movie Review
Let's take a look at my video/DVD pick of the week - Sunshine.
Once Upon a Time in America the Movie | Once...
I was mesmerized by the visual flow and haunting music of Once Upon a Time in America. I think the movie occasionally goes too far over the top, but it packs one whale of an emotional wallop.
It Came From Outer Space - DVD |Ivana Redwine...
Depending on who you talk to, It Came From Outer Space is either a science fiction classic or a campy B-movie. I didn't know what to expect when I watched the DVD version of this film and was pleasantly surprised at how evocative and thought-provoking it was at times. Read my review of this movie on DVD.
'Moneyball' DVD Review
In this review of the film Moneyball we will explore both the movie and what is on the DVD.
Rashomon - DVD Review of Akira Kurosawa's...
Akira Kurosawa's 1950 Rashomon is the best-known Japanese film in the world, and it looked better than ever when I watched it at home on DVD.
Gosford Park | DVD Review of Gosford Park DVD...
Gosford Park is a drama directed by Robert Altman, and it's at the level of his best work, including MASH, Nashville, and The Player. Ivana Redwine reviews the DVD movie Gosford Park.
Blockbuster Total Access
What is Blockbuster Total Access and how much does it cost?
DVD Pick: 'The Social Network'
The Social Network DVD review, including a review of The Social Network the movie, DVD details and bonus materials. Read Ivana Redwine's review of the The Social Network DVD.
Save the Tiger
About the movie Save the Tiger on VHS video.: starring jack lemmon jack lemmon memoriam stoner tiger
Wild Strawberries DVD Review
In Wild Strawberries, Ingmar Bergman's vision and Victor Sjostrom's great performance combine to create a masterpiece. Find out more by reading my brief DVD review and overview.
"Monsters, Inc." DVD
I think young children will generally like Monsters, Inc. a lot, and there's enough humor aimed at grownups that I think most adults won't mind watching it with a kid.
Wal-Mart DVD Rentals
About Wal-Mart DVD Rentals.
DVD Pick: "Goodfellas" Special Edition
Based on a true story, Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas is an unforgettable biopic about a low-level mobster named Henry Hill (Ray Liotta). I think what makes the movie so compelling is Scorsese's close observation of the details of Hill's extraordinary world. Now this great film is available as a two-disc Special Edition DVD set.
Chocolat Movie DVD Review
Home Video/DVD Guide Ivana Redwine looks at Enemy at the Gates.
Rebecca DVD - DVD Review of Rebecca - DVD Pick...
I am thrilled to own the Criterion Collection two-disc DVD set containing Rebecca. If you love classic American films, this is a DVD set you’ll treasure. Read my in-depth movie review of Rebecca.
Signs DVD| The Movie - Signs DVD Review
Signs is very entertaining. I think that Shyamalan's genius lies in his ability to evoke an atmosphere of ominous dread. Even watching Signs at home, I almost jumped out of my seat a couple of times. Read a review of Signs on DVD.
8 Mile | the Movie - 8 Mile DVD Review
Pick of the Week: "8 Mile" DVD Reviewed by Ivana Redwine Guide Rating - Tagline: "Find your voice." Length:
You Can Count on Me Movie Review
Pick of the Week: You Can Count on Me Length: 109 minutes MPAA Rating: R for language, some drug use
Star Wars: Episode I- The Phantom Menace Movie...
Home Video/DVD Guide Ivana Redwine reviews Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace DVD.
DVD Pick: "Dracula" (1931)
There have been other movie adaptations of the Dracula story, but to my mind, nothing can top the 1931 classic starring Bela Lugosi in the title role. Lugosi has always defined Count Dracula in my mind, and no other actor can match his distinctive brand of menace. Of course, circa 1931 special effects don’t match the visual wizardry of modern movies, but I believe the eerie atmosphere this film creates in my imagination is perhaps the most potent effect ever invented.
Will Blockbuster Acquire Circuit City?
Blockbuster has publicly announced today an offer to acquire Circuit City. There are reports Blockbuster is considering the idea of streaming movies and other video content directly over broadband to TVs using a proprietary set-top box. The proposed acquisition may be in part motivated by the concept of using Circuit City stores as an outlet to sell the set-top boxes. However, some analysts are dubious that the acquisition makes good business sense.
Top Drama Movies
Conflict is essential to drama. The movies that move me deeply are those where the conflict grows out
Top 10 Foreign Movies
I think foreign-language films can show us things about the world we will never see if we watch only movies where the dialogue is in English. Here's a list of ten of my favorite foreign-language films by ten different filmmakers. Three of the movies are in French, two are in Japanese, two in Italian, and one each in Bengali, Russian, and Swedish. In my opinion, the films listed below are among the greatest in all of cinema.
DVD Pick: Bringing Up Baby
Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn star in the 1938 screwball comedy Bringing Up Baby, which was directed by Howard Hawks. The story is about a nerdy paleontologist, a madcap heiress, a pet leopard named Baby, a vivacious wire-haired fox terrier and a brontosaurus bone. Although Grant and Hepburn play characters that often look ridiculous, the two lead actors pull off the neat trick of always retaining their glamour.
Pick of the Week: "Confessions of a Dangerous...
George Clooney makes an assured directorial debut with this biopic based on Chuck Barris' cult book, and Charlie Kaufman's witty script strikes the right balance between the comic and the tragic. In addition to creating TV's The Dating Game and The Gong Show, Chuck Barris claims in his autobiography he was an undercover assassin for the CIA.
A Beautiful Mind | DVD Movie Review - DVD Pick...
I thought that A Beautiful Mind played much better on DVD than it did when I saw the movie during its theatrical release. I found A Beautiful Mind to be more of a fable than a character study, although Russell Crowe's performance adds dimension to a character who is scripted as more mythic than real. Read my review of A Beautiful Mind on DVD.
Star Wars: Episode II Movie Review DVD
I'm a sucker for George Lucas films, and I've always been a fan of the Star Wars series. I liked Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones when I saw it during its theatrical release, and I liked it even better when I watched it recently on DVD. Read my review of Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones. The review also includes information on the special features on the two-disc DVD set.
DVD Pick: Ushpizin
Ushpizin (2004) is a pleasant little film that takes place in an ultra-Orthodox community in modern-day Jerusalem, but its message is universal. The dialogue is in Hebrew, and the DVD provides English and Spanish subtitles. The story is about the clash between the religious and the secular, but what I like best about the movie is its humanism. Read a review of Ushpizin on DVD.
"What the #\$*! Do We Know!?" DVD
DVD Release Date: March 15, 2005 Tagline: "A quantum fable." Length: 108 minutes MPAA Rating: Unrated
Home Video/DVD - Review - Pick of the Week: An...
Home Video/DVD Guide Ivana Redwine reviews the An American Werewolf in London DVD.
New DVD Releases
Let's take a look at this week's new movies on video and DVD, along with a few additional releases of interest, and take a sneak peek at next week's movies on video/DVD.
"Something's Gotta Give" DVD Review
Something’s Gotta Give is very lightweight, has glossy Hollywood production values, and feels like a slick Broadway play opened out. Still, I found the film both romantic and laugh-out-loud funny. I was dazzled by the star power of Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson, and I thought they had great screen chemistry. Read a review of the movie Something's Gotta Give on DVD.
Everyone Says I Love You Movie DVD Review
Let's take a look at my video/DVD pick of the week - Everyone Says I Love You.
DVD Pick: Sicko
Sicko DVD review that explores both the movie and the DVD extras. In Sicko, Michael Moore has created a film on the subject that is witty and thought-provoking. The movie is flat-out agitprop, but it isn't boring. Find out more about the movie in this review of Sicko on DVD.
Page Two: More About the Bonus Materials
Page two of a review of Fanny and Alexander on DVD. Page 2.
DVD Pick: "Leave Her to Heaven"
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >"Well, of all
Review: "Raging Bull" DVD
Page 2 of a DVD reivew of Raging Bull Special Edition, including a look at other bonus features and DVD details.
"xXx: State of the Union" DVD
DVD Release Date: July 26, 2005 Tagline: "Prepare for the next level." Length: 101 minutes MPAA Rating:
Top Comedy Movies
In addition to making us laugh, comedy movies make us think about our lives and the world around us in new ways. My choices of films here are an eclectic mix ranging over a variety of comedy sub-genres, including parody, screwball, and dark comedy. This is my personal, idiosyncratic list of favorites, and it doesn't necessarily reflect the popular wisdom on comedy movies. For the sake of focus, I've limited my choices to English-language talkies
DVD Pick: The Sound of Music 40th Anniversary...
Ever since I was a child, I've been enchanted by The Sound of Music, and after seeing this film on DVD, I can see why I've always loved it. Now that I'm older, I consider The Sound of Music to be a guilty pleasure, but it is still one of my favorite movies. I agree with those who say the characters and situations aren't completely believable, but that is also part of the charm. I can forgive this film its flaws--many of which are the flaws of an old-fashioned musical.
E.T. the Movie | E.T. Review
Pick of the Week: "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" Two-Disc DVD Set Reviewed by Ivana Redwine Guide Rating
Forrest Gump Movie DVD review
Home Video/DVD Guide Ivana Redwine looks at Forrest Gump.
Glengarry Glen Ross | DVD Movie Review -...
Although Glengarry Glen Ross is pretty stagy, I loved the sparkling dialogue and the brilliant performances by the all-star cast. Read my brief review and overview of Glengarry Glen Ross on DVD.
Home Video/DVD - Past features and Movie...
Past issues of weekly features and columns. Includes articles on films released on video and dvd, information about special and hidden features on DVDs along with home video technology.
Harry Reems Interview
Harry Reems talks about his life and the documentary Inside Deep Throat.
'Tropic Thunder'
Tropic Thunder DVD profile, including Tropic Thunder DVD release date selected special features and more about the Tropic Thunder DVD.
Top Classic Film-Noir Movies
I've seen a lot of classic film-noir movies over the years, and since so many are available on DVD these days, I’m enjoying them more often. My choice of films doesn't necessarily reflect the popular wisdom on film-noir classics; instead, this is my personal, idiosyncratic list of favorites from the 1940s and 1950s.
DVD Pick: <i>Adoration</i>
Adoration DVD review, including a review of Adoration the movie, DVD details and bonus materials. Read Ivana Redwine's review of the Adoration DVD.
DVD Pick: Apocalypse Now - The Complete Dossier
Apocalypse Now is one of the great movies of all time. Beginning with winning the Palme d'Or at Cannes, Francis Ford Coppola stunned the film world in 1979 with his brilliant Apocalypse Now. Years later, the footage shot in the 1970s was reedited and released in 2001 under the title Apocalypse Now Redux. Read a review of Apocalypse Now - The Complete Dossier on DVD.
Amelie | DVD Review of Amelie - DVD Pick of the...
I did find Amelie to be a feel-good movie, but I would have felt even better if it had been 20 or 30 minutes shorter. And I should mention that, for me, Amelie wears thin quickly with repeated viewings. Read my DVD review of Amelie.
Home Video - DVD - Review - The Seventh Seal -...
Ivana Redwine reviews: long journey home plague epidemic rocky seashore gunnar bjornstrand inevitability of death
Drums Along the Mohawk DVD - About the Classic...
About the classic movie Drums Along the Mohawk on DVD.
The Red Shoes Movie DVD Review
Home Video/DVD Guide Ivana Redwine reviews The Red Shoes Criterion Collection DVD.
"Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones"...
Although I found "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones" to be flawed, I thoroughly enjoyed it
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Product Summary "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" DVDs Guide Rating - Pros • Strong performance
DVD Pick: The Threepenny Opera (Criterion...
Die Dreigroschenoper was a big hit on the Berlin stage, and in 1930 a movie company began the process of adapting it for the screen. The film director was G.W. Pabst, whose movies were among the most artistically successful during the 1920s. Pabst's films are marked by social and political concerns, which made him a good fit for the Brecht-Weill material and helped him to add the proper visual dimension. The movie version of Die Dreigroschenoper, which was released in 1931, is a masterpiece.
Additional DVD and Video Releases of Interest
Additional new video/DVD releases this week.
Netflix to Stream Starz Movies
Netflix has been streaming movies and TV programs to its subscribers for some time, but these have been mostly older titles. However, that is changing as now the online rental company will be able to stream recent hits like Spider-Man 3, Superbad and No Country for Old Men due to a deal with Starz.
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