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Click DVD Cover Art

Click DVD Cover Art

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Adam Sandler is the star of this high-concept comedy. Sandler plays Michael Newman, a workaholic architect who has little time for his family. Then one day he obtains a magical universal remote that enables him to manipulate his environment much like a DVD: he can mute sounds, fast-forward through unpleasant moments, revisit scenes in his past, etc. But eventually Michael learns a life lesson. Other actors in the movie include Kate Beckinsale, Henry Winkler, Julie Kavner and Christopher Walken.
Adam Sandler is sweet and funny in this video clip from Click.
Available Formats:
  • 300k Windows Media Broad Stream
  • 56k/28k Windows Media Dual Stream
  • 300k Real Media Broad Stream
  • 56k/28k Real Media Dual Stream
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