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The Number 23 DVD


The Number 23 DVD Cover

The Number 23 DVD Cover

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DVD Release Date:

July 24, 2007


"The truth will find you."


95 minutes

MPAA Rating:

R for violence, disturbing images, sexuality and language
About the Movie The Number 23 on DVD:
Jim Carrey stars in this thriller centering around the "23 Enigma," a belief that all events can be linked to the number 23. (Example: Kurt Cobain was born in 1967 and 1+9+6+7=23. He died in 1994 and 1+9+9+4=23.) In the movie, Walter Sparrow (Carrey) is a dogcatcher who reads a detective novel in which the protagonist Fingerling (Carrey again) is obsessed with the number 23. Soon Walter begins to find unsettling parallels between his world and that of the fictional Fingerling. Walter's wife is played by Virginia Madsen.

The Number 23 DVD - Selected Special Features:
  • Commentary With Director Joel Schumacher
  • Deleted Scenes

Formats Available: Check for availability of The Number 23 on VHS. The above information is on the The Number 23 DVD.

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