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Daddy's Little Girls DVD


DVD Release Date:

June 12, 2007


"Give life. Teach love."


95 minutes

MPAA Rating:

PG-13 for thematic material, drug and sexual content, some violence and language
About the Movie Daddy's Little Girls on DVD:
Tyler Perry (of Madea fame) wrote and directed Daddy's Little Girls, but he doesn't appear on camera in it. This time around, Perry has created more of a love story that pairs Gabrielle Union and Idris Elba. Monty (Elba) is a mechanic whose ex-wife gets custody of their three daughters and moves them in with her drug-dealing boyfriend. Monty also works as a driver for the high-paid attorney Julia (Union), who helps him in the legal battle over his daughters. Along the way, Julia and Monty start to fall for each other.

Daddy's Little Girls DVD - Selected Special Features:
  • Also Available on Blu-ray Disc

Formats Available: Check for availability of Daddy's Little Girls on VHS. The above information is on the Daddy's Little Girls DVD.

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