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Pathfinder DVD


Pathfinder  DVD Cover

Pathfinder DVD Cover

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DVD Release Date:

July 31, 2007


"Two worlds, one war. The ultimate battle begins."


99 minutes

MPAA Rating:

R for strong brutal violence throughout (An unrated version of this movie is also available on DVD.)
About the Movie Pathfinder on DVD:
Set in North America five or six centuries before the arrival of Columbus, this is an action-adventure movie. Occasionally Vikings arrive, and after one visit they leave behind a boy. He is raised to adulthood by Indians, who call him Ghost (Karl Urban). The leader of the tribe is Pathfinder (Russell Means). Eventually, another group of Vikings show up and get into violent warfare against Ghost and the Indians. The convention in the film is that Native Americans speak English, while Vikings speak an Icelandic dialect.

Pathfinder DVD - Selected Special Features:
  • Widescreen

Formats Available: Check for availability of Pathfinder on VHS. The above information is on the Pathfinder DVD.

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