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DVD Pick: La Bete humaine (Criterion Collection)

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Booklet Containing Three Worthwhile Essays

Packaged with the La Bête humaine Criterion Collection DVD is a 36-page booklet that contains three essays, all of which are worth reading. In the essay by critic Geoffrey O'Brien, he details the differences between the movie and Zola's novel, and he points out ways that Renoir put his own personal stamp on the material. There's a reprint of a 1991 Sight and Sound article by film historian Ginette Vincendeau in which she argues that actor Jean Gabin's persona defines working-class masculinity and explains how he came to embody a certain imaginary unity for much of the French public. And there's an excerpt from the autobiography of La Bête humaine production designer Eugene Lourié, who looks back at how things went when they were making the film, including the gloomy atmosphere pervading Europe because of the looming Second World War.

DVD Details

Below I've listed the details for the Criterion Collection DVD containing La Bête humaine.

Release Date: February 14, 2006
Full-Screen (1.33:1), Black and White
Feature Film Run Time: 1 hour 41 minutes
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
French Monaural
English Subtitles
Jean Renoir Introduction (6 min.)
Peter Bogdanovich Interview (11 min.)
TV Program on Adapting Zola to the Screen (24 min.)
Reenactment of Renoir Directing Actress Simone Simon (7 min.)
Theatrical Trailer
On-Set Photographs and Theatrical Posters
36-Page Booklet Containing 3 Essays

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