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DVD Rental Services

Explore DVD rental services.
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Renting From Redbox
Find out what you need to know about Redbox.

Renting From Amazon
Amazon is America's largest online retailer. The company's primary business is selling a wide variety of goods especially books, DVDs and music CDs that are ordered on their Website and shipped by mail or package delivery services. But they also offer some products that they deliver digitally to customers who have a broadband Internet connection.

Renting From Apple's iTunes Store
Apple is a company that makes consumer electronics, and its best-known products are Macintosh computers, iPods and iPhones. In addition, Apple operates an online business called the iTunes store and through it has become American's largest music retailer. Via download, the iTunes store sells not only music, but other digital media, including audiobooks, games, movies and television shows.

Renting From Blockbuster
The core of Blockbuster's business is operating a chain of several thousand brick-and-mortar stores that rent DVDs, Blu-ray discs and video games. But the company also offers several options for renting movies and television programming which involve the Internet, and that will be the focus here.

Renting From Netflix
Netflix provides a movie and television programming rental service at flat monthly fees. The company has no brick-and-mortar stores, and instead interfaces with its customers via the Internet and the United States Postal Service. A large number of titles are available on DVDs and Blu-ray discs that will be delivered to the subscriber by mail. In...

Online DVD Rental Services
Here's a rundown of some DVD rental services.

Netflix Changes Pricing, Angering Many Subscribers
Netflix subscribers on the $9.99-a-month plan (which allows one DVD out at a time plus unlimited streaming) will soon have to pay more.

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