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Movie quotes are fascinating. If you're looking for memorable movie quotes, here are a variety of resources. Includes movie quotes from films on DVD, search engines for movie quotes, quote quizzes, and your Guide's features about movie quotes.

The Notebook Movie - Favorite Movie Moments, The Notebook
The Notebook has many unforgettable moments and scenes. What are your favorite movie moments from The Notebook?

Movie Quotes From 'Juno'
Quotes from the movie Juno.

Movie Quotes From 'There Will Be Blood'
Quotes from the movie There Will Be Blood.

Movie Quotes From 'The Notebook'
Quotes from the movie The Notebook.

Movie Quotes From' American Beauty'
Movie quotes from American Beauty.

Movie Quotes From 'All About Eve'
Famous movie lines from All About Eve

Movie Quotes From 'Bringing Up Baby'
Quotes from the movie Bringing Up Baby.

Movie Quotes From 'Casablanca'
Famous movie quotes from Casablanca.

Movie Quotes From 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind'
Quotes from the movie.

Movie Quotes From Jerry Maguire
Famous movie quotes from the romantic comedy.

Movie Quotes From Kill Bill Vol. 1
Tarantino's quirky talent is evident in these movie quotes.

Movie Quotes From Kill Bill Vol. 2
Quotes from the movie.

Movie Quotes From Laura
Quotes from the movie Laura.

Movie Quotes From Raging Bull
Quotes from the movie.

Movie Quotes From Sideways
Amusing quotes from the movie Sideways.

Movie Quotes From Something's Gotta Give
Funny quotes from the movie.

Movie Quotes From Sunset Boulevard
Some superb famous movie lines from the film.

Movie Quotes From The Hours
Quotes from the movie.

Movie Quotes From The Incredibles
Quotes from the movie.

Movie Quotes From The Philadelphia Story
Here are some quotes from the classic film.

Movie Quotes From Trouble in Paradise
Funny movie quotes from a classic screwball comedy.

Movie Quotes
Here is a collection of movie quotes I've always enjoyed, including famous movie quotes and lines from both contemporary and classic films.

Quotes of the 70s Movies
Movie quotes from famous films of the 1970s.

Quotes of the 80s Movies
Quotes from movies of the l980s.

Quotes of the 90s Movies
Quotes from movies of the 90s.

The Movie Quotes Site
Post movie quotes from your favorite videos or read the quotes posted by other movie fans. You can also try to guess the origin of quotes.

Useless Movie Quotes
Boasts over "2600 quotes from 220 movies."

IMDb Movie Quote Browser
Trying to remember a famous line from a movie? Search for it here! You can sample random movie quotes, look over a list of the most-viewed quote pages, and more.

Movie Lines
Quotes from classic films, including memorable movie lines from Psycho, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and It's a Wonderful Life.

Adriane's Movie Quotes
A collection of movie quotes. Includes famous movie quotes from Terms of Endearment, Steel Magnolias, and other films.

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