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Valley of the Oaks: Hearst Hacienda/Mission San Antonio
The Valley of the Oaks - William Randolph Hearst's Hacienda and Mission San Antonio lie in a valley unchanged for over 200 years.
Hearst Estate in Beverly Hills Los Angeles - William Randolph ...
William Randolph Hearst's Former Mansion in Beverly Hills LA.
How to See Hearst Castle in San Simeon California - California Travel
William Randolph Hearst told architect Julia Morgan that he wanted to built "a little something" on the California coast. Three decades later, Casa Grande ...
Hearst Corporation Profile - Media - About.com
William Randolph Hearst is thought to have been the inspiration for the immortal Orson Welles classic movie Citizen Kane. The film presents a life story about a ...
The Fatty Arbuckle Scandal -- Part 2
William Randolph Hearst, the symbol of yellow journalism, had his San Francisco Examiner cover the story. According to Buster Keaton, Hearst boasted that ...
Hearst's Bedroom Picture - Hearst Castle
See a picture of William Randolph Hearst's Bedroom at Hearst Castle, California.
Julia Morgan - Architect of Hearst Castle - Architecture - About.com
For nearly 28 years, craftsmen labored to create William Randolph Hearst's magnificent estate. The estate has 165 rooms, 127 acres of gardens, beautiful ...
California Weekend Getaway: Destinations Beginning with "F" to "K"
Built by newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, the Hearst Castle is a fascinating look into the lifestyle of one of early twentieth century America's richest ...
Biography: Graham, Billy - Agnosticism / Atheism - About.com
Graham was helped a great deal by the fact that William Randolph Hearst, publishing mogul, ordered his papers to "puff Graham" by promoting him and his  ...
Ancient Spanish Monastery in Miami Beach - Visitors Guide
However, in 1925, millionaire and publishing king William Randolph Hearst bought the monastery, dismantled every stone and had it shipped over to America, ...
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