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DVD Easter Eggs - About.com
Sometimes a DVD contains Easter eggs, that is, hidden features that cannot be selected directly from the menu and are not mentioned in any documentation ...
DVD Extras - About.com
Some DVDs even have Easter eggs. DVD Easter eggs are hidden features. If you know how to find them, some DVD Easter eggs can be fun and informative.
Best Bets - DVD - About.com
Life's too short to waste time watching another disappointing DVD. ... If you know how to find them, some DVD Easter eggs can be fun and informative.
Best DVD Easter Eggs - Hollywood Movies - About.com
Top 10 list of DVD Easter Eggs including Star Wars, 300, Lord of the Rings, and The Matrix DVDs.
DVD Reviews - Films on DVD and Blu-Ray - Hollywood Movies
Reviews of movies on DVD including pros & cons of each DVD, a brief description of ... Share your opinion of the best DVD Easter Eggs you've ever discovered.
Easter Egg Fun - Find the Easter Eggs Hidden in Graphics Software
Easter Eggs are hidden features and effects put into software by the developers and engineers. They're a lot of fun to discover. Here's a collection of step by step  ...
Top Easter Movies for Kids and Families - About.com
From the Easter Bunny to eggs and parades, these movies cover the more secularized version of the ... It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (DVD) (1974).
Top Religious Easter Movies for Kids and Families - About.com
(For DVDs about other Easter topics such as the Easter Bunny, eggs and parades, see Top Easter ... The Greatest Adventures of the Bible: Easter Story ( DVD).
Top Movies for Easter Baskets - Kids - About.com
The eggs! This edition of the movie comes with two hopping Easter egg toys which ... spring after watching this DVD featuring signs of spring like blooming buds, ...
Easter Movies for Preschoolers - Kids - About.com
The springtime DVD features an episode where Max & Ruby hunt for Easter eggs , as well as other spring-themed episodes. The episodes featuring the 4 ...
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