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Blu-ray and HD-DVD Combined FAQs - Answers to Basic Questions ...
In the quest to replace DVD, two competing camps came up with a solution: Blu- ray and HD-DVD. After a brief battle, HD-DVD has been discontinued, but ...
The Blu-ray and HD-DVD Formats - What You Need to Know
From 2006 to 2008 Blu-ray and HD-DVD battled it out, and Blu-ray emerged the sole high-definition disc format. However, here is an overview of both Blu-ray ...
Can Blu-Ray and HD-DVD Players Play DVDs and CDs?
NOTICE: HD-DVD is now officially discontinued. However, information on HD- DVD, and its comparison to Blu-ray, is still contained in this article for historical ...
HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Discs and Players Compatibility - Home Theater
In fact, HD-DVD movies really inexpensive when compare to Blu-ray Discs, but can you play and HD-DVD in a Blu-ray Disc player? Find out the answer...
Blu-ray FAQs - Home Theater - About.com
Blu-ray FAQs - Blu-ray Disc Player FAQs - Answers to your questions about Blu- ray and Blu-ray Disc Playrs. Although standard DVD is the most successful home  ...
DVD - Blu-ray - HD-DVD - Laserdisc - Basics - Products - Reviews
Find out what you need to know about DVD and Blu-ray Disc technologies right here. Start first with some answers to key questions about DVD, then move on to  ...
What to Know Before You Buy a Blu-Ray Disc Player - Home Theater
Check out some useful tips on what look for when buying a Blu-ray Disc Player, or even a used HD-DVD player.
What TV is Best for Blu-Ray or HD-DVD? - Home Theater - About.com
... there are still HD-DVD players in use. In this article, find out, whether you own an HD-DVD or Blu-ray Disc player, what type of TV you need to use with it.
Best 3D Blu-ray Disc Movies - Home Theater - About.com
Blu-ray is an integral part of the home entertainment experience. Check out a list of my current favorites for best 3D Blu-ray discs.
Blu-Ray Disc Recorder Device Availability
Answer: Blu-ray technology supports high definition video recording, and Blu-ray Disc recorders are marketed and sold in Japan, and other select markets, but ...
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