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WWE DVDs Released in 2008 - Professional Wrestling - About.com
A look back at all of the DVDs released by the WWE in 2008.
Top DVDs for Kids Ages 6-8 (2008) - About.com
Read a list of great DVDs for kids that were released in 2008. DVDs are great gifts for kids, and can even be part of a fun themed gift including the DVD and ...
New Horror Movies and DVDs Releasing Week of May 25, 2008
May 25, 2008 ... This week, The Strangers and Stuck break the theatrical horror drought (the latter in a limited release), while an array of international DVDs ...
New Horror Movies and DVDs Releasing Week of June 1, 2008
Jun 1, 2008 ... Mother of Tears. An American student in Rome unknowingly unleashes a long- dead witch upon the world, causing a wave of crime and ...
Top DVD Gifts for Preschoolers - 2008 - Kids - About.com
Top DVD Gifts for Preschoolers - 2008 - Looking for a great gift for your preschooler? Here's a lit of DVDs.
New Horror Movies and DVDs Releasing Week of April 20, 2008
Apr 20, 2008 ... The only theatrical horror release of the week, Aussie killer croc pic Rogue, receives a limited run, while a trio of major DVD releases attempt to ...
New Horror Movies and DVDs Releasing Week of April 13, 2008
Apr 13, 2008 ... Picking up where Alien vs. Predator left off, an Alien-Predator hybrid ("Predalien") aboard the Predator ship leaving Earth causes it to crash ...
New Horror Movies and DVDs Releasing Week of February 3, 2008
Feb 3, 2008 ... Nothing horrific hitting theaters this week (unless you count Paris Hilton's Hottie & the Nottie, but there's a slew of DVDs to scare the pants off of ...
New Horror Movies and DVDs Releasing Week of April 6, 2008
Apr 6, 2008 ... This week in theaters, it's Prom Night all over again; this time, don't step on your date's toes. In limited release, Zombie Strippers looks for a few ...
New Horror Movies and DVDs Releasing Week of May 11, 2008
May 11, 2008 ... A hard-luck criminal (Stephen Dorff) has to pull a heist in Russia that ends with him and his accomplices taking hostage on the mysterious 13th ...
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