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Product Summary
"Doctor Zhivago" DVD
Doctor Zhivago
"Doctor Zhivago"
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  Excellent picture quality does justice to a lushly cinematic film
•  Excellent sound quality enhances enjoyment of Oscar-winning score
•  DVD has an impressive array of special features
Cons  •  Length of film may tax the patience of some viewers
•  Plot sometimes murky
•  Characters sometimes inconsistent
The Bottom Line - I’ve always loved the extravagant romanticism of "Doctor Zhivago." This film looks and sounds great on the new DVD and comes packaged with an impressive array of special features.

Product Description
•  A two-disc DVD version of "Doctor Zhivago"
•  Includes option on Disc One that permits playing the movie with only the music audible on the soundtrack
•  DVD comes packaged with an impressive array of special features
Reviewed by Ivana Redwine
"Doctor Zhivago" DVD

I love the extravagant romanticism of "Doctor Zhivago" (1965), and I think stars Omar Sharif and Julie Christie are enormously appealing in this movie. The sets, costumes, and locations look terrific. When I watched this film on DVD recently, it looked and sounded great, and the DVD comes packaged with an impressive array of special features. Set in Russia, the film chronicles the life and loves of physician and poet Yuri Zhivago (Sharif), centering around the period of awful upheaval caused by World War I and the Russian Revolution. But Zhivago’s story is told in flashback many years later, justifying a romanticized view of terrible times past. The movie doesn’t seriously address political issues -- the focus is on what happens to people when they get swept up in a tide of events beyond their control.

Selected Special Features on the DVD:

  • Commentary by Omar Sharif, Sandra Lean, and Rod Steiger
  • Introduction by Omar Sharif
  • Music Only Track
  • "Doctor Zhivago" The Making of a Russian Epic
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