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Product Summary
"Sexy Beast" DVD
Sexy Beast DVD - home video and DVD Product Review - cover art
“Sexy Beast”
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  Ben Kingsley gives a memorable performance
•  Offbeat story and quirky characters
•  Striking dialogue and arresting visual style
Cons  •  Character relationships and motivations are a bit untidy
•  Some viewers may not be able to penetrate thick accents
•  DVD special features are lackluster
The Bottom Line - Ben Kingsley and Ray Winstone give splendid performances in "Sexy Beast," an unconventional, character-driven gangster drama. When I watched this movie at home recently, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Product Description
•  DVD containing unconventional crime drama "Sexy Beast"
•  British film set on Spain's Costa del Sol and in London
•  DVD contains an audio commentary track, a short featurette, and trailers
Reviewed by Ivana Redwine

"Sexy Beast"
Ben Kingsley gives a memorable performance as the psychopathic gangster Don Logan and Ray Winstone is terrific as the likable gangster-gone-soft Gal Dove in "Sexy Beast," an offbeat crime drama that has elements of dark humor, as well as a bit of a middle-aged married love story, thrown in. Gal is a professional criminal who has retired with his wife, an ex-porn star, to Spain's Costa del Sol, where the happily married couple leads an idyllic life. But Gal's tranquillity is shattered by the arrival at his house of the barbarous Don Logan, who has come to recruit him for a heist. When events spin wildly out of control, Gal is forced to travel to London and participate in the robbery, and it begins to look as though he may never be able to return to his peaceful life with his beloved wife. I like the acting, the unusual way of telling the story, the visual style, and the dialogue in "Sexy Beast," and I highly recommend this entertaining movie.

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