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Sunshine DVD

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Sunshine DVD Review

Sunshine DVD Cover Art - © Fox Home Entertainment

DVD Release Date: January 8, 2008

Length: 107 minutes

MPAA Rating:
R for violent content and language

About the Movie
Sunshine on DVD:
This is a science-fiction movie directed by Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Millions, 28 Days Later). The story is set in the near future when the sun has developed a problem that has turned the Earth very cold, threatening the future of humankind. An eight-person team is aboard Icarus II, which carries a gigantic nuclear device that will be detonated in an attempt to correct the problem. The team faces various problems, including receiving a distress signal from a failed earlier mission. The cast includes Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans, Michelle Yeoh, Rose Byrne and Cliff Curtis.

Sunshine DVD - Selected Special Features:

  • Widescreen

Formats Available: Check for availability of Sunshine on VHS. The above information is on the Sunshine DVD.

Sunshine DVD Cover Art - © Fox Home Entertainment

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