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Comedy on Home Video/DVD
Guide picks
Fill your life with laughter by watching comedy movies on video and DVD.

About.com - Comedy Movies
Comedy Movies Guide Sarah Bennett has some excellent resources for watching comedy movies on video and DVD.

About Home Video - "About a Boy" DVD Review
I found "About a Boy" to be one of those rare films that is warm, human, funny, and entertaining from start to finish. It has far fewer clichés than other recent comedies. Read a brief review and DVD overview of "About a Boy."

About Home Video - "Adaptation" DVD Review
I loved "Adaptation" for its wit and humor: it is one of the most original films I've seen in a long time. The acting is superb and alone would be enough to carry the movie. Read a brief DVD review of "Adaptation."

About Home Video - "American Pie 2" DVD Review
"American Pie 2" is a mindless, good-natured comedy. When I watched the unrated Collectors Edition on DVD recently, it seemed even funnier than the original "American Pie." Read my DVD review of this movie.

About Home Video - "American Wedding" DVD Review
Although "American Wedding" offers little other than entertainment, I recommend this sweet-natured, laugh-out-loud comedy. However, it's not for people who don't like sophomoric, raunchy, vulgar humor. Read a review of "American Wedding" on DVD.

About Home Video - "Austin Powers in Goldmember" Review
I enjoyed all three Austin Powers movies, and I think this is the best of the three. Although there is some fairly gross humor, I laughed out loud throughout this film. Read a DVD review of "Austin Powers in Goldmember."

About Home Video - "Barbershop" DVD Review
I laughed a lot in "Barbershop" and felt very good at the end of the movie, but it’s very lightweight. Read a short review and DVD overview of "Barbershop."

About Home Video - "Bend It Like Beckham" DVD Review
Bend It Like Beckham" sometimes falls into clichés, but its heart is in the right place, giving it an earnestness that drew me in. The movie is rather lightweight, but it really lifted my spirits. Read a short DVD review of "Bend It Like Beckham."

About Home Video - "Big Fat Liar" DVD
"Big Fat Liar" is a good-hearted comedy that is laugh-out-loud funny throughout. Although this movie is aimed at kids, I expect that most adults will find it entertaining. Read a brief review and DVD overview of "Big Fat Liar."

About Home Video - "Bridget Jones’s Diary" DVD
Renee Zellweger gives a memorable performance as Bridget Jones, an unattached 32-year-old woman who vows to lose weight, cut down her drinking and smoking, and get a man in her life. Although this film isn't perfect, find out why I enjoyed this urban-dating-wars comedy so much.

About Home Video - “Catch Me If You Can” DVD Review
This is one of the most entertaining films I’ve seen in a long time. DiCaprio and Hanks give fine performances, and I like what Spielberg did with the relationship between their characters. Read a review of “Catch Me If You Can” on DVD.

About Home Video - "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" DVD
George Clooney makes an assured directorial debut with this biopic based on Chuck Barris’ cult book, and Charlie Kaufman’s witty script strikes the right balance between the comic and the tragic. Read a review of "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" on DVD.

About Home Video - "Dr. Strangelove" DVD
Read my DVD review of "Dr. Strangelove," Stanley Kubrick's timeless black comedy about technology gone awry.

About Home Video - "Insomniac Uncensored Vol. 2" DVD Review
I found "The Best of 'Insomniac With Dave Attell' Uncensored Vol. 2" to be funny, unpredictable, and strange. I was especially impressed by the show’s use of a cinema vérité style to cover a late-night milieu that often seems both true-to-life and surreal. Read a review of "The Best of 'Insomniac With Dave Attell' Uncensored Vol. 2" on DVD.

About Home Video - "Lewis Black: Unleashed" DVD Review
I thoroughly enjoyed "Lewis Black: Unleashed," and my only complaint is that it was so funny, I hated for it to end. The best part of the ”DVD for me is that Black’s mind runs so fast and bright that he’s truly unpredictable. And there’s nothing funnier than what you can’t see coming. Read a review of "Lewis Black: Unleashed" on DVD.

About Home Video - "Lost in Translation" DVD
I loved the bittersweet mix of comedy and drama in "Lost in Translation." The film conveyed what it means for two people who are adrift to find each other, even if only for a little while. Read a review of "Lost in Translation" on DVD.

About Home Video - "Pulp Fiction" Collector's Edition DVDs
Pulp Fiction" is a dark, violent comedy that satirizes our expectations of a crime drama. I love Tarantino’s dialogue and the way he tweaked crime movie clichés into something fresh. Read my review and DVD overview of "Pulp Fiction."

About Home Video - "M*A*S*H" DVD
Robert Altman's landmark film "M*A*S*H" chronicles the zany antics of American medical personnel who treat the wounded during a war in Asia, but the movie is darker and edgier than the TV series. Read my DVD review of this movie.

About Home Video - "A Mighty Wind" DVD Review
There are lots of laughs in "A Mighty Wind," but the edge of the humor in this film is a little gentler than in some of Guest’s others. He’s made funnier films, but this is one of my favorites. Read a review of "A Mighty Wind" on DVD.

About Home Video - "Punch-Drunk Love" DVD Review
I really enjoyed the odd combination of lyricism and edginess in this offbeat romantic comedy. I found the film’s quirky characters, surprising narrative, and stunning visual style very engaging. Read a short review of "Punch-Drunk Love."

About Home Video - "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" DVD Review
Although not a perfect film, I thought "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" had the combination of humor, warmth, and romance that so many filmmakers try for but seldom achieve. I found it to be a delight. Read a review and DVD overview of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

About Home Video - "School of Rock" DVD Review
Jack Black stars in this rock 'n' roll comedy which I predict will appeal to viewers over a wide age range. I recommend this film for people who enjoy rock music and like to laugh. Read a review of "School of Rock" on DVD.

About Home Video - "Son of the Beach" DVD Review
"Son of the Beach" has something to offend almost everyone, but it is also laugh-out-loud funny throughout. Read a DVD review of "Son of the Beach - Volume One."

About Home Video - "Strangers With Candy - S2" DVD Review
"Strangers With Candy – Season Two" on DVD is a funny, deliciously dark, and often politically incorrect spoof of "after school" TV specials. I was entertained by the show’s mix of humor and tongue-in-cheek melodrama. Read a review of "Strangers With Candy - Season Two" on DVD.

About Home Video - "Trouble in Paradise" DVD
I rate "Trouble in Paradise" as one of the handful of greatest comedies ever made. This film has been hard to see for decades, and this DVD is a must-have for the serious cinephile. Read a brief review and DVD overview of "Trouble in Paradise."

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